For the playable character, see Blue Baby.
??? (Boss)
Boss Blue Baby.png
Found In
The Chest
Dropped Items
Final Boss Chest
Unlocked By
Defeat Isaac with the Polaroid

??? is the boss of The Chest which is accessed by defeating Isaac in the Cathedral while holding the Polaroid (dropped by Mom after beating the Cathedral 5 times). He is a posthumous version of Isaac.

Attacks[edit | edit source]

Note: During all three of ???'s phases, he will always shoot multiple tears in the player's direction at fixed intervals. These shots have a small chance to be homing tears.

First Phase

  • Fires single tears in Isaac's direction.
  • Shoots rapid-fire lines of tears that curve as they move.
  • Shoots rapid-fire lines of tears in eight directions with varying intensity and speed.

Second Phase

  • Fires single tears or two tears in Isaac's direction.
  • Two eternal flies begin to circle around ???, occasionally blocking tears.
  • Summons Attack Flies, Moters, Pooters, or Fat Flies to orbit around himself.
  • Shoots rapid-fire lines of tears that curve as they move.
  • Fires 4 homing tears in a lop-sided X pattern.
  • Fires 8 homing tears in every direction.

Third Phase

  • Fires single tears or two tears in Isaac's direction.
  • Spawns flies more aggressively.
  • ??? will teleport on top of the player or in front of the player, depending on if they are moving or not.
  • After ??? teleports, all flies previously spawned will be freed from orbit and engage in attacking the player normally.
  • Shoots rapid-fire lines of tears that curve as they move.

Unlockable Items[edit | edit source]

The following items can be unlocked by beating ??? with the corresponding characters:

In addition, beating ??? with a particular character for the first time will place a Polaroid Completion Mark on that character's post-it note.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The music that plays during this boss fight is titled Ascension [1]. The term "ascend" is typically used in religion as the act of one's soul rising to Heaven.
  • ???, along with Isaac, are the only two bosses who do not "die" upon losing all their health. Instead, ??? teleports away and the battle ends.

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