The Angel is a secret unlockable boss fight, accessible after defeating the The Lamb in the Dark Room or ??? in The Chest. After one of these requirements is fulfilled, this boss can be initiated at any point in an Angel Room by planting a bomb near the angel statue or destroying it through other means. Upon defeat, an Angel will drop a key piece required to unlock the large door at the start of The Chest or Dark Room. The defeat of two Angels will also unlock the item Dad's Key.

There are two Angels Isaac can fight: one is Uriel, who wears white robes and the other is Gabriel wearing red robes, with Gabriel being the more powerful one.

Because the Angel battle will always be initiated whenever an angel statue is destroyed, Angels can be confronted more than once in a single playthrough. The battle can still be initiated after both pieces of the key are collected, though defeating them after this will yield no additional items aside from a normal pick-up.


Boss Angel
Found In
Angel Room
Dropped Items
Key Piece 1
Unlocked By
Defeat ??? or The Lamb for the first time


  • Moves towards Isaac.
  • Fires 5 blood tears in a circular manner.
  • Flies up to the wall and shoots a single beam of light straight downward, or 2 beams in diagonal directions.


Boss Angel2
Found In
Angel Room
Dropped Items
Key Piece 2
Unlocked By
Defeat ??? or The Lamb for the first time


  • Moves towards Isaac.
  • Shoots a ring of 12 blood tears
    • If the Angel folds its wings, it is about to unleash this attack
  • Shoots light beams in four directions, either cardinal if its hands glow or diagonal if it covers its hands with its wings.
    • If the Angel's hands begin to glow, it is about to unleash this attack
  • Summons Angelic Babies which teleport around and shoot blood tears.


  • Uriel (or Auriel/Oriel) (meaning: God is my light) is one of the archangels of post-Exilic Rabbinic tradition, and also of certain Christian traditions.
  • Gabriel (meaning: God is my strength) is an archangel who typically serves as a messenger sent from God to certain people in Abrahamic religions.


  • Rerolling Key Piece 1 or 2 will yield an item from the Angel Room item pool.


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