Ball of Bandages
Character Appearance
File:Ball of Bandages App.png
Item Type
Passive Collectible
Pickup Quote
Gotta lick 'em all!
Collection Grid
(Page 3, Column 4, Row 1)

Recharge Time
Item Pool
Horseman Pool
Unlocked By
Defeat Mom for the first time

Ball of Bandages is a passive item that can only be obtained after defeating a Horseman. Multiple Ball of Bandages can be collected in a single run. It is similar to the Cube of Meat


  • The first Ball of Bandages picked up will be an orbital that blocks enemy tears and does damage to enemies on contact.
  • The second Ball of Bandages that is picked up will give the orbital the ability to shoot charm tears.
  • The third Ball of Bandages will remove the familiar and spawn a Bandage Girl that will chase enemies while firing charm tears.
  • The fourth Ball of Bandages will make the Bandage Girl bigger and stronger. Unlocks related achievement.
  • A fifth Ball of Bandages will spawn another orbital like the first and any subsequent balls will repeat the cycle.


  • Ball of Bandages replaces one of the orbital flies when the player has 3 orbital flies. The fly returns after a third Ball of Bandages is picked up.
  • If Monster Manual summons a Ball of Bandages while the player has one already, it will increase their level for the current room.

Methods to create a Bandage GirlEdit

The achievement for creating a Bandage Girl is quite difficult to obtain based solely on luck, because the Ball of Bandages can only be obtained from Harbingers. Here are ways that can help create a Bandage Girl.

Book of RevelationsEdit

The most straightforward method to unlock the Bandage Girl is obtaining the Book Of Revelations on the first level, which can be present on Treasure Room or Library. Using it on every level will guarantee one Horseman boss per map:

  1. Famine in Basement I / Cellar I
  2. Pestilence in Caves I / Catacombs I
  3. War in Depths I / Necropolis I
  4. Death in Womb I / Utero I

This means that a Level 4 Bandage Girl can be obtained after beating Death on Womb I. Notice that if the secret Horseman Conquest spawns in Womb I instead of Death he will drop the White Pony, effectively spoiling the chance of obtaining the achievement for the current run.


  • Bandage Girl is a secondary character in Super Meat Boy, a game by Edmund McMillen (the creator of Binding of Isaac).


  • PC: ETEZ A6A9 (First Boss room: Famine, Third Boss room: Pestilence, Fourth Boss room: War)
  • PS Vita: FCE3 ZGTT (First Boss)
  • PlayStation: GC3G CQEE (Four ball of Bandages by Womb 1)


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