Boss Chub
Found In
The Caves
Normal Enemy (Later Floors)
Dropped Items
Boss Pool
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Chub is a boss found in The Caves. Chub is a large maggot which will charge Isaac as well as spawn chargers to aid her.

Behavior Edit

Chub charges at Isaac whenever in line of sight, dealing damage upon hit. Even when hitting Isaac, Chub will continue to charge until a wall is hit. When Isaac drops a bomb in front of a charging Chub, she will eat the bomb, freezing in place and being dealt damage to after a small delay.

Chub will occasionally spawn Chargers, which will chase Isaac whenever in line of sight.

Champion VariantsEdit

  • Orange: Smaller and faster than normal. Spawns Spitties instead of Chargers.
  • Blue: Larger than normal. Spawns blue Boils instead of Chargers.

Bugs Edit

  • If Chub is killed while frozen by Mom's Contacts, only the part to receive the last shot will die.

Trivia Edit

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