Boss Dingle
Found In
The Basement
The Cellar
The Catacombs (Double Trouble)
Boss Challenge Room
Challenge Room
Normal Enemy (Later Floors)
Dropped Items
Boss Pool

Dingle is one of the bosses that can appear in The Basement and The Cellar. It can also appear in later chapters as a regular enemy.


Dingle has three attacks, and each one can be telegraphed.

  • Dingle whistles, which will summon 1-3 Dips, immediately afterwards it will fire three tears in a cone towards the player.
  • Dingle will smile prior to firing three tears at the player.
  • Dingle puffs its cheeks, beginning the sequence of three quick dashes towards the player, after which Dingle will cease moving for a short time to catch its breath. Occasionally, Dingle will leave behind a pile of poop while using this attack.


  • Dingle is exclusive to Rebirth.
  • The name 'Dingle' derives from the crude term, "dingleberry".



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