Eve is the sixth unlockable character in The Binding of Isaac. She is unlocked by making two or more seals with the devil in one playthrough. In The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth, she is unlocked by completing 2 levels without picking up any hearts. Eve was added in the Halloween Update on the 1st of November, 2011.

When she is in the Whore of Babylon form, her attack is multiplied (x3) and a screen will appear saying, "What a horrible night to have a curse..." (reference to Castlevania II: Simon's Quest). She starts with no coins, bombs or keys.



  • Much like Magdalene, Eve is just Isaac in a wig, albeit with a bit of eye shadow, similar to the eye shadow that the Ankh gives him.
  • Eve is shown in her curse state when she is locked, but when she is unlocked she appears normal.
  • A full playthrough does not have to be done to unlock the character, as making two deals with the devil will instantly unlock her.
  • Edmund has stated that Eve is his favourite character due to her unique risky playstyle.
  • Edmund confirmed on his Formspring that Eve is the "Druid" class.
  • Eve gets her name from the biblical Eve, who was the first woman and first sinner.
  • Unlocking Eve is likely a reference to the Bible when The Serpent tricks Eve into eating from the Tree of Knowledge, the first sin.
  • The Whore of Babylon ability is most likely a reference to the Book of Revelation, where the angels bring John to witness the judging of the great whore, Babylon.
  • When down to 1/2 of a heart, Eve leaves a pool of blood instead of the usual urine from the other characters (This is not due to the Whore of Babylon, as other characters can obtain the curse and still leave urine). This is most likely in reference to God's punishment for Eve's original sin. In the Bible, God punished Eve by making childbirth painful and making women menstruate. The pool of blood is likely menstrual blood.
  • Eve has a 16.25% chance instead of the usual 10% for any nonspecific Heart drop to turn into a Soul Heart.
  • If the player was to buy/find Brimstone, The Pact, Lord of the Pit, or anything else that turns Isaac demonic, the game will think that Eve is in game instead of Isaac and therefore will not unlock her.

Related AchievementsEdit

EvesDeadBird "Eve's Dead Bird" - Make two deals with the devil in one playthrough.
TheRazorBlade "The Razor Blade" - Kill Mom's Heart with Eve.
TheDemonBaby "The Demon Baby" - Complete Sheol with Eve.
The Sacrificial Knife "The Sacrificial Knife" - Complete the Cathedral with Eve.
Eves Bird Foot "Eves Bird Foot" - Complete The Chest with Eve. (Bugged, currently unlocks after completing The Chest with ???)

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