Boss Gurdy
Found In
Caves, Catacombs, Double Trouble in Womb.
Dropped Items
Boss Pool
Unlocked By
Default Boss


Gurdy herself only has one direct attack. She will duck down into her body and emerge from the side facing Isaac, and fire 5 blood shots in a spread out manner. Her only other patterns are summoning 2 to 4 small flies, or 1 to 2 Pooter. Occasionally, she will summon boils or green boils instead, either in front of her or at the bottom corners of the room in pairs.

Champion Variants Edit

Black Gurdy Edit

Black Gurdy never will never attack with a blood shot, but instead summons monsters at a faster rate.


  • The first thing to keep in mind is to clear at least one corner of the room before attacking Gurdy herself
  • After clearing the area, maintain a constant back and forth motion to the side and in front of Gurdy, using 1/4 of the screen. By doing this, you can easily dodge the spread shot Gurdy fires, as she will not adjust her angle once she retreats into herself before firing

Trivia Edit

  • Gurdy appears to be a pupae version of the Gurdy boss series, with the mature version being Mama Gurdy and the egg and larva stages being Gurglings and Gurdy Jr. respectively.


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