Boss Gurglings
Found In
The Basement
Normal Enemy (Later Floors)
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Boss Pool
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Gurglings are a boss that appears in The Basement.


The Gurglings have 2 attacks in total.

  • The Gurglings will rush towards Isaac when he alligns with them in any cardinal direction, leaving behind creep until it is stopped by a wall.
  • After rushing the Gurgling will pause for a brief moment, and spawn 0-2 attack flies
  • A non-boss form of the Gurglings can appear in normal rooms. These behave almost exactly the same but leave creep constantly (not only when rush) and shoot out 6 bullets around them instead of spawning flies. These also have significantly less HP.


  • Only the non boss version of this enemy can be a champion.


  • Gurglings appear to be the "egg" stage of the Gurdy boss series. Gurdy Jr. being the larvae, Gurdy being the pupae, and Mama Gurdy being the adult version.


  • if you walk into a wall or "wall hack" the Gurglings will not charge effectively invalidating them.
  • If both Gurglings rush towards you at once, only one of the Gurgling's grunting noise file will play.


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