Magdalene, sometimes known as Maggy, is an unlockable character in The Binding of Isaac.

She is unlocked by having seven heart containers of maximum health at any one time in a playthrough (Soul Hearts do not count, however, the temporary health boost from the XI Strength tarot card does.)

Not to be confused with the familiar Sister Maggy, who exists as an item in the game.



  • In the Bible, Mary Magdalene was a friend of Jesus, who had seven demons cast out of her body; this may be the reason seven hearts are needed to unlock her.
  • In the art booklet of the Unholy Edition, Magdalene is referred to as the "cleric", which is in keeping with her increased max health and health regeneration (Yum Heart).
  • In one of the dreams Isaac has in the interludes between levels, he is shown getting a wig with a bow identical to Magdalene's hairstyle.
  • When entering a miniboss room, the title up the top will say Magdalena instead of Magdalene.
  • She is often referred to as "Maggy" in the game.
  • It is believed she was a prostitute, but it is never said in the bible.
  • In Rebirth, Maggy is used instead of Isaac for some challenges 

Related AchievementsEdit

Maggyswig "Maggy's Wig" - Have 7 Heart Containers at once in a single playthrough.
Cross "The Cross" - Kill Mom's Heart with Maggy.
TheGuardianAngel "The Guardian Angel" - Kill Satan with Maggy.
The Cross "The Celtic Cross" - Kill Isaac with Maggy.
Maggys Faith "Maggys Faith" - Kill ??? with Maggy. Template:Characters

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