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Mask of Infamy is a boss that can appear in the Necropolis. It appears as a giant version of a Mask + Heart.


Mask of Infamy has two Phases.

  • In the first Phase its two constituent parts act exactly like a regular sized Mask and Heart; the Heart will generally try to move away from the player whilst the Mask charges the player if they cross its path in any cardinal direction. During this Phase the Mask cannot be hurt or otherwise affected by virtually any item. If the player gets close enough to it, the Heart will spray blood in all directions. When the heart takes damage of any kind, the mask will chase you with increased speed.
  • Once the Heart is dead, the second Phase begins. A crack appears in the back of the Mask and can be damaged by being shot from behind. Its behavior remains the same, however it speeds up a great deal.

Champion VersionsEdit

  • The Black Heart shoots 4 homing shots in a + direction, instead of 8 normal ones.


  • Mask of Infamy first appeared in the Binding of Isaac's expansion pack Wrath of the Lamb.
  • In the original game, Mask of Infamy did not have a health bar. This, coupled with the difficulty of harming it without specific upgrades, made it one of the more frustrating bosses.
  • In the original game, there was a small face peering out of the crack in the back of the mask. In Rebirth it has been replaced by a giant eyeball.
  • The item Infamy is a reference to this boss.
  • Mask of Infamy is confirmed female. [1]



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