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The Caves
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Mega Maw is a new boss in Rebirth found in The Caves. As its name implies, it is a much larger version of the Maw.

Behavior Edit

  • Fires red tears in disorganized bursts similar to Monstro.
  • Releases 2 rings of colored flames which rotate in a circular pattern and expand outwards, opposite to each other.
  • Releases one large ring of flames that expands outward.
  • Releases one large ring of flames that rotates and expands outwards.
  • Summons Hoppers.

Tips Edit

The flame attack that Mega Maw does can easily be dodged by standing to the back of the room and traveling in the opposite direction of the flames, as there is some space between the rotating flames to acclimate for dodging.


  • Before its fire attack, a purple flame can be seen emanating from its forehead.
  • It acts and looks more like a horf than a maw, because it does not move, and its eyes are more round.Template:MasterNav
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