Boss Monstro
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The Basement
Boss Challenge Room
Boss Rush
Normal Enemy (Later Floors)
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Boss Pool

Monstro is one of the bosses that appears in The Basement. He is amongst the most common to fight, particularly because he can appear on later floors as an enemy.


It's worth noting that Monstro's tears do damage when they are close to the ground, though difficult to tell.

  • Two enemies can spawn alongside Monstro, either of them have a chance to be champions.
  • He will upchuck a large amount of tears, The larger tears do one heart of damage.
  • When Monstro lands after jumping off-screen he will shoot out more tears, from which the large tears also do one heart of damage.
  • He will also hop towards the player, in an attempt to crush them.

Champion VersionsEdit

Red: Two smaller Monstros have replaced the one big Monstro. They too, can spawn with a variety of normal enemies as well.
Dark Grey: Uses tear volleys much more often than the normal Monstro, but will never jump off-screen.


  • Monstro appeared in the original Binding of Isaac.
  • Monstro is missing a tooth.
  • Monstro is Portuguese for Monster.


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