Monstro II
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The Depths
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Default Boss

Monstro II is the posthumous version of Monstro. Monstro II consists of a skull with only a small patch of skin covering its right eye, which is now white.


  • Hop towards the player, similar to Monstro.
  • When Isaac is standing alongside Monstro II, he will shoot a brimstone laser.
  • Leaps off screen and lands on Isaac's position two times in a row.
  • Shoots eight blood tears after landing the first time.
  • Spawns 4 suckers after landing the second time.

Champion Versions Edit

  • Red: Moves and attacks much more quickly, but only spawns 2 suckers when landing.

Trivia Edit

  • The strategy of always standing horizontally to Monstro II to make him shoot brimstone is not as effective. A new pattern was added so Monstro II will always make a sky leap/small hop after a brimstone attack.
  • A spinal cord can be seen attached to Monstro II in his Versus image, meaning at one point Monstro had a lower body.

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