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Found In
  • The Caves
  • The Catacombs
  • Mini-Boss from The Womb
  • Dropped Items
    Boss Pool

    Peep is a boss found in the Caves level. It is the living version of The Bloat.


    Peep has few but powerful attacks. His most notable one is spawning yellow creep around him, making close combat a risky endeavor. Peep can fire yellow projectiles periodically in all directions, which can be hard to avoid coupled with the eyeballs and rocks in the room. He can jump to try and squash you, and will blast out yellow projectiles upon landing as well.

    Peep's eyeballs dislocate and start floating around the room at specific points in his health. One pops off at 75%, and the other pops off at 25%. Eyeballs float in a manner similar to boom flies and cannot be destroyed. They block tear shots and can inflict contact damage.

    • E Coli and Flush! Can be used to permanently kill off the flying eyeballs

    Champion Variants[]

    Dark Green Peep[]

    This variant of Peep starts the battle with both is eye's popped out.

    Yellow Peep[]

    Peep will be smaller, and will constantly create his yellow Creep.


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