Samson is a character added in the expansion The Binding of Isaac: Wrath of the Lamb. He is unlocked by skipping two Treasure Rooms (you can walk in but you can't touch the treasure) and killing Mom in one playthrough.

Unlocking details Edit

  • It is not necessary to kill Mom's Heart/It Lives to unlock him.
    • Therefore, consider skipping the Treasure Room in the level with Mom. After defeating her and unlocking Samson; you can pick the item up afterwards if you have any means to teleport.
  • It also counts as "skipping" a Treasure Room when moving to the next level even if a player hasn't cleared the room adjacent to it, or discovered the treasure room by other means on the map.
  • Despite the in-game wording of the unlock requirement, one may visit the Treasure Rooms – what matters is whether the item inside is picked up or not. This is beneficial, as the player can choose what items they want to miss out on.
  • If the player completes a level while Curse of the Labyrinth is active and neither treasure is picked up, this counts as skipping two treasure rooms.
  • If the player skips two treasure rooms and completes The Depths 2 while Curse of the Labyrinth is active, Samson will be unlocked upon defeat of the first boss regardless of whether or not it's Mom (possible bug). Note: If the player skips any treasure rooms in The Depths 2, the player can defeat the first boss, go back and collect both treasures, and then fight Mom.



  • Samson's increased damage (by the amount of killed enemies for each room) and long hair are a reference to the Biblical character of the same name, who gained supernatural strength as long as he upheld his Nazarite vow, which included not cutting his hair.
  • When asked on Formspring, Edmund McMillen confirmed that Samson can be considered the "Berserker" class.
  • Before the June 8th, 2012 patch, Samson started with one regular heart, two points of attack and speed, and one point of range and tears.
  • On Isaac's Last Will, his name is shortened to Sam.
  • Samson also starts with increased shot speed. This combined with his low rate of fire may be a reference to the Berserker's style of singular, but fast and incredibly powerful attacks.
  • Samson is the only character to start with a combination of soul hearts and "regular" hearts.

Related AchievementsEdit

Samson "Samson" - Defeat Mom by skipping out on two Treasure Rooms beforehand.
Blood Lust "Blood Lust" - Kill Mom's Heart with Samson.
Blood Rights "Blood Rights" - Kill Satan with Samson.
The Bloody Penny "The Bloody Penny" - Kill Isaac with Samson.
Samsons Lock "Samsons Lock" - Kill ??? with Samson.

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