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Satan is the final boss of Sheol in The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth.


The battle against Satan has three distinct waves.

First phaseEdit

The first phase starts with a slight delay after Isaac enters the room:
Satan will shout Isaac's name, and roughly two seconds after Satan's voice has died away, The Fallen will have spawned at the center, with two Kamikaze Leeches to both of his sides.
Once The Fallen is dead, the second wave starts.

It is advisable to place a bomb at the center shortly before the spawn: When timed right, the explosion will kill both Leeches and the first phase of The Fallen immediately.

Second phaseEdit

Once this is done, Satan will appear/spawn from the statue at the top of the screen in his first form. He stays at the top of the screen, hence bombs are very effective against him. However, If he moves to the side the bomb will be ineffective.


  • He will frequently shoot waves of projectiles from both his hands towards the left and right side of the room. Safest is directly in front of Satan, but beware of his brimstone attack.
  • He can shoot two slightly homing Brimstones (like The Adversary) from his hands when Isaac is on the right or on the left in front of satan. The safe spot in this case is the center or either corner of the room.
  • When Isaac is at the center of the room, Satan will start an audible charge and emit one thick straight Brimstone beam through his mouth.
  • Two scattering shots of 5 and 6 projectiles from Satan's mouth, similar to Gurdy's birthing attack, except aimed directly at Isaac. This attack is virtually untelegraphed and thus is very difficult to avoid.

Once he gets to a third of his life, he enters in his second form, the third wave.

Third phaseEdit

He attacks by stomping Isaac with both his feet, which come down considerably quicker than Mom's foot. However, the stomps will come down in a constant rhythm: His second hoof follows shortly after the first one, and he redraws each after they have been on screen for about one second (like Mom's foot) Then he will stomp again about two seconds after the second foot has been redrawn.

Up to two Kamikaze Leeches will also spawn during this time. If one of them dies, another one will respawn shortly afterwards. This can be used to your advantage to have Satan stomp on one of them for considerable damage. However, be very careful not to run into them while evading the feet, which often turns out to be the hardest part of the fight due to their charge attack, their tendency to be obstructed by the legs, as well as the random location new leeches can unexpectedly respawn.


  • Using the The Bible on Satan will instantly kill Isaac, even if Isaac has the The Wafer or extra lives.
  • On the third wave, Pyromaniac will be extremely useful, as kamikaze leeches and stomping (which is considered as an explosion) will not hurt Isaac.


  • If stage 2 is frozen while Isaac kills Satan, the 3rd stage will not activate and the room will be considered cleared and drop the Golden Chest.

Unlockable ItemsEdit

The following items can be unlocked by beating Satan with the corresponding characters:

In addition, beating Satan with a particular character for the first time will unlock the inverted cross Completion Mark on that character's post-it note.


  • Satan's pose while being a statue and during the VS Screen is a nod to the demon Baphomet, who's usually also portrayed in a similar pose.
  • The music that plays during this battle is titled Hericide.[1] He​ricide is the act of murdering one's own master, lord, or teacher.




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