The Adversary
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The Adversary is the posthumous version of Dark One, and is one of the bosses that appear in Chapter 3.


  • Darkens the room.
  • Quickly charges a homing Brimstone in any cardinal direction if Isaac is in line of fire. This is telegraphed with a very low pitched growl.
  • Flies off-screen and plummets down a few seconds later, creating a shock-wave that throws up damaging terrain (like The Cage) that subsides when it reaches the radius of roughly three tiles.
  • Occasionally summons Spiders.


  • His homing Brimstone can best be avoided by not moving too far away from him, so as soon as he starts charging it, the player can quickly turn around him about 90 degrees, which can be done much quicker the closer Isaac is to The Adversary.


  • "The adversary" is one of the ways that the original Hebrew word "ha-satan" can be translated.


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