The Bloat
Boss The Bloat
Found In
Necropolis, The Womb
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Boss Pool
Unlocked By
Default Boss

The Bloat is the posthumous version of Peep found in Necropolis and the Womb. The Bloat was also a boss featured in Wrath of the Lamb. It appears to have lost its lower set of "arms", and the ones that still remain look sigthly different.

Behavior Edit

  • The Bloat's eyes bounce around the room immediately at the start of the fight.
  • Jumps into the air and lands back on the ground, firing blood shots in all directions.
  • Create red creep at will.
  • Fires a brimstone laser in front of him or to both sides of him, depending on the location of the player.

Strategies Edit

The usual tactic is to stay behind Bloat and dodge any projectiles he may shoot behind him. If he backs himself to the back wall, try to shoot him diagonally or wait for him to use another move before attempting to strike him side ways or from behind. Bombs are highly recommended to be used here if you are a new player. If you stay at his right or left, but not high enough, his brimstone-like attack will be fired, but it won't hit you, it is recommended to do so to get a few free hits.

Champion Variants Edit

Green Bloat Edit

This version of Bloat does not shoot blood projectiles. Rather, he fires three green Ipecac projectiles. More dangerous than the regular Bloat as he has a tendency to use his blood beams with no warning at all and use his bombs if you are behind him.


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