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The Cage is a boss found in The Depths, and is the posthumous version of Mega Fatty. It appears to have lost his head, and has an autopsy stitch. It also has a pale greenish colour.

Behavior Edit

  • It will jump up in the air and attempt to land on you, similar to Mega Fatty.
  • When it lands, he will spawn brown creep and send out 5 lines of rock waves that slightly home in.
  • It will send tears in a spiral, in six directions, similar to Mom's Heart.
  • It will curl up in a ball and roll towards Issac then bounce off the walls around the room.
  • Rarely, The Cage will spawn a Vis to support itself in battle. While this spawned version has a unique coloration, it's otherwise the same as the normal version.

Trivia Edit

  • Although the Cage is a dead version of Mega Fatty, it also bares a lot of resemblences to a giant Vis as well, since it is a fat headless body with a giant cut in its belly.

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