The Carrion Queen
Boss The Carrion Queen
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Unlock Necropolis

The Carrion Queen is a boss found in the Necropolis. She is the posthumous version of Chub. She has a skeletal appearance and is only vulnerable in the leftover flesh at her behind.


Like Chub, the Carrion Queen will charge at Isaac in a straight line. She will also spawn red poop, which will deal half a heart of damage to Isaac upon touching.

When below half health, the Carrion Queen will begin to move diagonally, similar to The Hollow.

Also, like Chub and C.H.A.D., the Carrion Queen can be fed bombs. This is a very useful mechanic in this fight, because it temporarily stuns the boss and allows for easy shots on the backside.

Champion versionsEdit

  • This boss has one champion alternative, a pink version that moves slightly quicker, and instead of spawning Red Poop every so often, she spawns a small heart that roams the room. Killing the hearts damages the Carrion Queen. This version does not diagonally bounce around the map at all.


  • The Carrion Queen was a boss added in The Binding of Isaac: Wrath of the Lamb.


  • If the Carrion Queen's tail is destroyed by a Chaos Card or while frozen by Mom's Contact, the boss will not die and will be impossible to kill.
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