The Haunt
Boss The Haunt
Found In
The Cellar
Normal Enemy (Later Floors)
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The Haunt is one of the bosses found in The Cellar. It can appear on later floors as an enemy.


Phase 1

  • The battle begins with 3 Tiny Haunts circling The Haunt, who floats around the room.
  • One Tiny Haunt will become corporeal and chase the player. The other two follow the previous' pattern.
  • Once all Tiny Haunts are dead...

Phase 2

  • It will move left and right, sticking to the upper wall of the room.
  • Being ahead of The Haunt will cause it to use one of two attacks:
    • Firing brimstone and moving
    • Firing five tears in a cone and moving
  • If the player moves to The Haunt's side, it will quickly dash toward the player.
    • However it can be stopped by a placed bomb, which is good tactic if you have many.


  • The Haunt is exclusive to Rebirth
  • During Phase 2, the health bar is placed at the bottom of the screen.
  • The Haunt's design may be a reference to the Boo from the Mario franchise.


  • With E Coli, when a Tiny Haunt is touched and turned into Poop. The Haunt will not become active and thus will be invulnerable. (Confirmed)
    • Same thing appears when re-rolling Tiny Haunts with D10 or Flush!.
    • Same thing when fighting The Haunt in "Double Trouble", the first Haunt gets activated, the second one stays invulnerable. (Confirmed)
  • It is possible to land one hit on the haunt, immediately after entering the room, while he is supposedly invulnerable. (Confirmed)
  • Using Necronomicon immediately after entering the room will kill all Tiny Haunts, forcing main Haunt to skip phase 1.



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