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Tiny Planet
Tiny Planet Icon.png
Character Appearance
Item Type
Passive Collectible
Pickup Quote
Orbiting tears + range up
Collection Grid
(Page 3, Column 10, Row 3)

Item Pool
Treasure Room

Tiny Planet is a passive item.


Tiny Planet tears are spectral and will only collide with enemies and bombs. Range up. Tears now revolve around Isaac's Body at the distance of an attack fly until they hit the ground. Tears will not hit 2-4 range in front of Isaac, thus aiming directly away from enemies in cardinal directions is most effective. As of patch 1.01, may render some rooms unbeatable; keep an escape bomb handy.


  • A Lump Of Coal - This item drastically increases the screen time of tears because it makes them orbit around Isaac for a few seconds. A Lump Of Coal adds a lot of damage to tears in "outer orbit".
  • Brimstone - The beam will wrap around the character and shoot straight forward.
  • Brimstone + Tammy's Head - Adding this item to the tammy's head + Brimstone(or playing as azazel) synergy allows even bigger burst around the character.
  • Azazel Brimstone - Increases Azazel's range with Brimstone warping the beam around the character.
  • Spoon Bender - The tears still revolve around Isaac's Body, but now home in on enemies.
  • Technology - A laser creates a circle around Isaac's body before being fired forward normally.
  • The Ludovico Technique - The tear controls really strangely. It orbits Isaac slowly when not controlled, and when controlled, the tears movement is distorted (it's attracted by Isaac's gravity field).
  • Mom's Knife - The knife will spiral out clockwise from where it is held, and then return along the same path. The distance that it moves is proportional to how long the throw is charged, as per usual. This makes the knife ineffective at close range, as you can't stab anything in front of you without it swirling all the way around.
  • Rubber Cement - Tears bounce off enemies then keep orbiting Isaac. Very powerful when several tears are orbiting Isaac as they are not destroyed
  • Bob's Rotten Head - The thrown bomb orbits Isaac, making it hard to predict where it will land.
  • Ring Worm - Every single tear spins uncontrollably fast, making it impossible to try to aim.
  • Hook Worm - Has no effect.
  • My Reflection - Tears will move to maintain their orbital positions around Isaac as he moves, making aiming much easier.


  • PS4: BBSS DL0W(first treasure room)
  • PC: Q8EW 8WYM (first treasure room)
  • PC: LX02 0Q9J (first treasure room, next to spawn)
  • PC: KCEP 2YQB (first treasure room, next to spawn)
  • PC: G76H G4X0 (first treasure room, next to spawn)
  • PC: K36C J7VF (first treasure room, Ipecac in the second treasure room)
  • PC: CL7G WNEQ (first treasure room, adjacent to spawn)


  • Tiny Planet was considered as a cosmetic item in Team Fortress 2, alongside Poop, tears and Brimstone.