Ultra Pride
Boss Ultra Pride
Found In
Mini-Boss Room
Dropped Items
The Left Hand

Ultra Pride is a miniboss randomly encountered as an alternate version of Pride, one of the Seven Deadly Sins. Ultra Pride resembles Edmund McMillen, while the Baby resembles Florian Himsl.


Ultra Pride differs from its normal counterparts by having attacks more similar to Super Sloth, than Pride.

The team's attacks consist of the following:


  • Normal: Shoots out three homing projectiles. (Deals one full heart of damage, even on earlier floors)
  • Normal: Throws out a horizontal line of green creep.


  • Familiar: Shoots out one homing projectile. (Similar to Psychic Maw, Sacred Heart and Spoon Bender)

When defeated, Ultra Pride drops the Left Hand trinket, regardless of whether or not it has already appeared during that run. If this is the first defeat, the Left Hand achievement is also unlocked.


There is also a possibility for a champion Ultra Pride to spawn. This champion has a bigger green familiar which does 1 heart worth of damage with its bullets.


Sometimes, instead of Florian, a common Angelic Baby will spawn. It is unknown if this is intentional.

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